Was it hate? Or was it his way to show love ?

That is Love heart convinced brain..

Ignoring is a part of love, until you wait for him with all pain.

Again the heart convinced brain, That’s just a matter of time…… you’ll see his face soon with glory in his eyes.

Rejoiced he will be , to meet you just as he was before and he’ll ride like a price just to be next to you.

Days passed.. As promised , she did wait . Convincing herself (he does love me)

“Don’t giveup “, finally said the Brain to Heart, pacing so slow , as it grew old.

Eternal is her love. Soon he’ll realize. Hence their story will end as

Happily Ever After. ❤


” I care not for what we have, But for what we had.”

Can you Interpret this?? i just thought and wrote it.. M sure everyone will have their own views and ways to illuminate.. Pls do tell in comment section.. ; )

My favs..!!pick yours

Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are doing great :). This post is not about my poems or writings actually today early morning I was going through my screen grabs folder on my cell phone and dammnn!! My storage is soo full just by screen captures mostly all my fav quotes from books or poems or lyrics which touched my heart so just thought of sharing it with you guys..

Some are written by me as well . Hope you will like it.. And let me know which is your fav.

1. Only I can think this 😂


3. So true.. 😂

4. Saw the world in his eyes, the way he looked at her when she smiled ❤❤

5. Faith.

6. “I’m broken.”

“You are not broken. You’re simply fractured.”


8.You save me, I save you the miracle that is meant for two💞

9. He consumes my thoughts and invades my mind.

10. Personal fav by me😋



13. Story of my life


15. HOPE always has a funny way of letting you down.. Always… !!! 😑

Where do you belong

Don’t know where I am from,
Or where do I belong
Is it in your heart baby or is it in ur arms?

Dreams coming up late night
With hopes and Smile on mind
It was you ohh wishing it was you
To hold me tight forever
Bringing me back to life

That won’t ever change even you gotta go awayy
M gonna stay….
No matter how many seasons change

Keeping your love a secret won’t be oky
Your love will find its way
Cus I dnt knw where am from
But I knw whr I belong
It’s surely in your arms❤

Confession ( pls do read )

Every heart loves someone, deep down it knows that it cannot stay without that soul with whom its attached and loves truly. Except the day when it occurs like a earthquake shaking your world when you know you may lose your one and only soulmate due to some mistake which you made…

Regrets and pain filled with tears and guilt wish you could explain how much you love him. Wish he would understand that love is true and people change, change for good to a better person

But people won’t believe that you have changed ,the bad things are never forgiven till we die i guess thats what life is all about.. Every one will remember one bad thing you did n all the good deeds are flown away..!!! Later how much ever you prove u have changed that ain’t gonna work..

So what about all such people who will never get a chance even after they have changed?? Will they be abonded from peoples life.. Left all alone..? What about their love.. Won’t they ever get back? Will they have to live forever in guilt..?Forgiving people is not easy but it removes all the grudges, hate and helps to move forward with a fresh start.

Haven’t we heard from childhood that if you are guilty and realise your mistake then that’s most important thing. If you have decided to spend your life with someone then its impossible to live without the person. I don’t know whether its a confession or what but sorry and guilt is all what it feels. Just in a hope of getting things back on track. Because its useless to live witout your love🤕

Pls guys who ever will read this try to forgive the person who cannot live without you or loves you and specially who have changed. We don’t know how much we gonna live so let’s make a new start plss plss just go n talk to your fav person cus i know how it feels to be guilty… Thank you!