Is love unconditional?

Agree or disagree?? 

They say, love at its purest form is unconditional.              

But thats not true ,

Every person wants something in return… ( your happiness ) 😀

And you are responsible for their happiness as they won’t be happy unless you are. 


100!! Followers😍

A big big thank you to all my followers. Woohhoo!!! I achieved 100 i still can’t believe it. In such a short period of time. It has been 12 days just 12 days i started blogging let me tell you’ll about my self.. 

I’m Haripriya from India. And I am bad at expressing my views. I can just write poems or stories so blogging is not my thing so pls don’t mind my way of writing.

(When it started)I always had a thing about writing when i was a kid but never thought about doing it. Later in my teens I started reading books from where again it hit me to write but there was always a thing stopping me which we call fear.. Fear of people not liking it or reading it. But thanks to a special person who believed in me and motivated me. Yes the love of my life❤ He always loves my poems even if its not up to the mark. (ty adi) infact the 1st thing which I wrote in my life was for him. 

Okay coming back to 100 followers😍 thank you so much to every person who liked and read it. I’ll keep on improving..have a rocking day ahead:)

One chance

It was unintentional to hurt you like this

With you not around I don’t know how to express how much I miss

To throw away my guilt is all I pray

To forgive or forget is ur choice to make.

Hope we don’t loose what we have

If only you give that one fine chance.
Ps1 :- This was my very 1st poem written. N its vclose to my heart as sometimes we express our true feelngs about what we poems. Yeah I did hurt the person i love so much but it was not on purpose but that was months back as now everything is good,  but still was reading this and thought to post it… Hope you’ll like it.. 

Ps2:- I guess every person makes mistakes in there life as nobody is defined as a perfect man alive. But if you say sorry n regret it than i think you deserve a 2nd chance and if you love them You need to make it up❤ soon nefor its too late.

Lovestruck ;)

Just the glance of you towards me would be enough OR a stare of you which would make me snuff..

The smile that casues to skip my heart a beat. My brain just thinks of you and all the different ways to meet.

Just a touch of hand is all I crave for.

The only voice I can here forever. The only green eyes I can fall for. When you talk the time stops.

You will never know that my love for you is infinity. And it will remain the same though I turn 80.

Truth behind his eyes❤

 They all say we like your eyes , different from others as grey as cat eyes…

Blue like an ocean..Green like a grass. It changes it colour with the intense touch of mineI see the world when you hold me close  just to stare.           

   As nobody knows the love that hides behind cus only I know the certanity of your eyes

When you blink in the sun it sparks like a gem. When you smile it adds up the shine.

Happy or depressed I know how your eyes express.             

      Because nobody knows the love that hides behind as only I know the truth behind your eyes❤                                                                     


Baby,Its just about time 

Bring me flowers, 

Bring me wine, 
Be with me and take me to dine 

Bring some love to the heart of mine

Stay in my embrace through the fall time

Belive in me believe in us… 

cus we are the same force

It felt just like a dream… 

so just come and get me

Bring me flowers bring me wine

As baby , its just about time❤